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  • Ele-Hair Precision Trimmer
  • Ele-Hair Precision Trimmer
  • Ele-Hair Precision Trimmer
  • Ele-Hair Precision Trimmer
  • Ele-Hair Precision Trimmer
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About the product
  • FOUR interchangeable heads ideal for trimming all extra body hair.

  • No pain or discomfort because of its sharpest blades.

  • Horizontal Cutting Head: Allows you to glide it over your face, removing hair without pulling.


CNAIER® Precision Trimmer

Facial Hair Trimmer, CNAIER Colorful Series, Electronic Facial Hair Trimmer,Battery-Operated, Facial & Ear Hair Trimmer for you. 


- Made of high-end ABS Materials

- 20000rpm powerful motor speed

- 6500rpm blade speed

- 60° beveled double blade with protective cover

- Multifunction: for facial hair/body hair

- No pulling and scratching, sharp yet safe

- High efficient and power saving

- Comes with a dustproof cover

Cutter head material: Stainless steel

Battery: 1 X AA battery (not included) 

How to use: 

1. Open the battery compartment at the bottom and put into one AA battery. 

2. Power on the trimmber and the cutter head starts to turn in a high speed. 

3. Put the trimmer close to your nose and start the trimming. 

4. When finished, take off the cutter head and clean it with the supplied brush. Or, you can directly wash it with running water. 

5. Dry the cutter head and trimmer body with a piece of towel. 

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