Getting rid of Migraine Head aches With Reflexology

Migraine victims often wince in remembered discomfort in their final headache on hearing the phrase “migraine”. In a single yr, it is estimated that 90% of the population get at the least one headache, and about 18% of your inhabitants will are afflicted with a migraine headache eventually of their lifestyle – which means that one,231,291,260 persons or about 1.twenty five billion worldwide know very well what it can be wish to knowledge a migraine.

The earth Wellbeing Firm has believed that in 2003 in excess of three hundred million men and women worldwide have been migraineurs. They even recommended a year later that there could be greater than 20 million individuals experiencing migraine assaults every solitary working day.

Close to 13% of US populace are migraine victims who drop their do the job time and they are not able to carry out at their finest because of to those migraine complications which may be genuinely painful and unbearable.

Numerous migraine cases relate to intolerance of meals. It truly is usual for attacks to start each morning and very last, in their acute phase, amongst 3 and 24 hrs. Indications might be really different pulsating discomfort, reduction of appetite, sensitivity to light-weight, ache localized to 1 side of head (hemicranial), vomiting, numbness, tingling, weak point, facial ache (trigeminal neuralgia), sweating, chills and in some cases spasmodic stomach pains. Migraine is really a neurological and chronic problem characterized by nausea, eye ache, neck pressure, again pain & head aches that could last from 2 to 72 hours.

Even after the migraine episode has subsided, there are usually migraine ‘leftovers’ which can leave you not feeling your very best for very a while.

Reflexology is actually a safe and effective drugless therapy for migraineurs.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the practice of applying alternating pressure techniques to different areas in the body, most usually feet and hands, that corresponds to certain body parts, organs and glands. By stimulating nerves in various areas on the feet or hands, blood flow might be stimulated, stress can be lowered and toxins could be eliminated during the corresponding body systems. Using this method numerous forms of disease and ill overall health may be relieved.

Is there any research to back again up these claims? Yes!

One particular such study was set to determine the effectiveness of Reflexology for Migraine and Tension Headaches. A doctor examined the two hundred and twenty patients selected for the study, and determined that problems were being their primary problem. Having established this as a base line the study progressed. Reflexology sessions were being given about a 3 month period, and patients ended up required to complete questionnaires before and after the treatment session.

The results – have been that 16% no longer had any form of problems, 65% reported that Reflexology had helped to reduce the signs and symptoms, and only 18% reported no changed. The conclusion in the study was that Reflexology was able to totally relieve or help tension and migraine problems in a substantial number of study participants.

What reflexology does first and foremost is reduce the negative results of stress. It is said that 80% all diseases are stress related. When someone enjoys a reflexology session, the body experiences a release of muscle tension, and allows relaxation to spread throughout the body. Reflexology also helps the body to release endorphins, which are the body’s natural suffering killers. Reflexology session gives deep relaxation, which in turn allows stress to leave the body, which results in less dis-ease from the body.

Reflexology improves circulation, and cleans out toxins and impurities from our bodies a lot more efficiently. Organs involved in elimination are our kidneys and skin, and reflexology helps them get the job done far more efficiently. When the body’s systems are more in balance, it results in revitalised energy, and such the immune system works better.

Two techniques you might want to try to ease discomfort and stress associated with migraine problems might be:

Foot Reflexology – Gentle squeezing in the toes and fingertips from just one joint to another (for 1 -2 minutes, for 10 times) stimulates reflexes for release of endorphins which provides relief from migraine discomfort caused thanks to changes in blood flow in vessels of head. Pressing on padded portion of foot i.e. below 2nd & 3rd toes provide relief from migraine eye soreness.